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Children, Young People and Family Services

Psicon’s Children, Young People and Family Services offer expert assessment and treatment of psychological and neurodevelopmental difficulties experienced by younger people.

Having a child who is facing difficulties can be a distressing and confusing experience for parents and the whole family. At Psicon we aim to offer a single solution that will help you both understand the problem and gain relief. When a family contacts Psicon for the first time, we aim to conduct a full triage assessment to find out what the difficulties are and to suggest what treatment would be most beneficial. The treatment can then be carried out and the difficulties resolved.

At Psicon we believe that it is important to develop a shared understanding of the child. Therefore, after an assessment, we give detailed feedback on not only what we have found but also how to understand it. This may sometimes involve giving a diagnosis, but only where this is necessary or useful. Whilst labels can be useful for children to access certain types of support at school, or from charities or other services, we believe that support should not focus on that label but on the children themselves.

All clinicians at Psicon’s Children, Young People and Family Services are experts in their field and include Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians, and Speech and Language Therapists. Whether the problem is mild or severe, new or long-standing, we have someone who can help.

Psicon’s Children, Young People and Family Services offer full psychiatric assessment of children where the problems, such as psychosis/schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder or personality disorders, require a medical diagnosis and possible medical treatment. Assessment, diagnosis, prescription and medical follow-up are all possible. Where conditions also require psychological treatment, our psychology and psychiatry team work closely together to offer the most complete care package available. This service is invaluable for very complex conditions, as liaison between professionals and family can occur often and all ‘in-house’.

History of Children, Young People and Family Services at Psicon

The Children, Young People and Family Services at Psicon were started in 2008 by Dr Daniel Simmonds, Clinical Psychologist. He first offered therapy to children and young people (as well as to families as a whole) in Kent and London before putting together a team to provide autism and ADHD assessments for children up to the age of 18 across the country. This later became part of a specialist neuro-developmental lifespan service, which you can read about here.

  • Due to the success of this service and excellent reputation it developed, Psicon’s Children, Young People and Family Services were asked to provide autism and ADHD assessments to children aged 8-11 who were on an NHS waiting list in East Kent. Psicon were also commissioned to see new referrals within the service, which continued until 2017. Since then, Psicon has provided Autism and ADHD services to the NHS in various counties, including Hampshire, Surrey, Shropshire and Staffordshire.
    In 2014, Psicon’s Children, Young People and Family Services began working in schools to provide psychological assessments and treatments for children who suffer from mental health difficulties (including depression, anxiety, stress and eating disorders) or neurodevelopmental conditions (including autism and ADHD) that make it difficult for them to access their education. Provision of this service on the school site means that children can access this expert level of service with minimal disruption to their school day. We have also provided mental health workshops and group programmes for specialist groups, including a group for autistic boys.