How We Can Help

Psychologists are doctors of psychology who have usually spent at least 7-10 years studying and training before they qualify. They seek to understand how and why their client’s distress affects them individually and to offer a talking treatment based on this understanding. Sometimes the client is an individual young person and sometimes it is the whole family.

The following is a list of common difficulties that Psychologists can help with:

  • Anxiety (including excessive worry, OCD, panic attacks)

    Anxiety (including phobias, social anxiety, exam stress)

    Depression/sadness, boredom, isolation


    Anger/aggressive behaviour

    Sleep difficulties

    Medically unexplained physical difficulties

    Chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia/ME

    School refusal

    Low confidence/self-esteem


    Post-traumatic and acute stress disorders

    Eating disorders

    Adjustment disorders

    Challenging behaviour at home and at school

    Attachment problems

    Relationship problems

It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list as people experience distress differently and may call it by different names. The initial assessment at Psicon will provide an understanding and treatment options to help with the distress as it presents.

Neurodevelopmental Conditions (Autism, ADHD, Dylsexia..)

Psychologists at Psicon have particular expertise in working with young people who have a neurodevelopmental condition such as autism or ADHD. Whilst these conditions do not cause emotional distress themselves, living with them can be very challenging, and distress is experienced as a result. We are able to offer specialist psychological support services and therapy through our Neurodevelopmental Lifespan Services.

Psychiatric Services

Psicon’s Children, Young People and Family Services offer full psychiatric assessment of children when the problems, such as psychosis/schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder or personality disorders, require a medical diagnosis and possible medical treatment. Assessment, diagnosis, prescription and medical follow-up are all possible. Where conditions also require psychological treatment, our psychology and psychiatry team work closely together to offer the most complete care package available. This service is invaluable for very complex conditions, as liaison between professionals and family can occur often and all ‘in-house’.