Information for Schools

Psicon's Children, Young People and Family Services offer bespoke services to schools and are able to place a Clinical Psychologist on site for all mental health services. Because we offer half and full days for a fixed price, schools are able to make use of the Psychologist for:

  • Assessment of mental health, risk and behavioural problems

    Treatment of mental health problems

    Workshops for specific groups such as autistic boys/girls

    General mental health ‘toolkit’ groups

    Managing exam anxiety

    Consultation to teaching staff on the management of challenging students

    Training of a range of subjects that can be chosen from the existing list or created specifically for the school.

Having a Psychologist on-site can provide relief from the stress of referrals to outside services with long waiting lists and high thresholds for access.

The benefits for students of having a Clinical Psychologist in the school are many. These are potentially fewer sick days, better engagement in class, and a more supported student base, as well as staff who can feel contained and seek expert guidance on the difficult issues that frequently challenge teachers. Having a Psychologist present can also lead to more positive attitudes towards mental health in general.

If you are a teacher who is interested in discussing how Psicon's Children, Young People and Family Services could support you, we would be happy to arrange for Dr Simmonds to discuss your needs and to offer a package that uniquely fits the school. Please get in touch with us here.