Psicon’s Neurodevelopmental Lifespan Service is a multi-disciplinary team of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, specialist doctors, specialist teachers and speech and language therapists that provides expert assessments and support to individuals with autism and ADHD at all ages.

The services is clearly divided into the following services:

  • Assessment Services

    Each of the conditions are fully assessed from by a multidisciplinary team in accordance with the national guidelines and current research including the British Psychology Society, Royal College of Psychiatrist, and National Autistic Society.

  • Support Services

    We do not believe that individuals who suffer from a neurodevelopmental condition require a ‘cure’, as the label refers solely to the fact that their neurological functioning is organised differently to that of neuro-typical individuals. That does not mean to say that individuals with an ND condition can’t benefit from support (as indeed neuro-typical individuals can).

  • Specialist Assessments for Education and Work Purposes

    Neurodevelopmental Lifespan services at Psicon can provide diagnostic assessments for education and work purposes. These assessments are provided to not only to establish a diagnosis but also to assess how that diagnosis might impact an individual in their education or work.

  • News and Views

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    On Wednesday 24th April 2019, Psicon held their first Post Diagnostic Support Group for those with an autism...

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    Psicon is proud to provide a new ASC service.

    01 April 2019 / Posted By Admin
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