ADHD Diagnostic Clinic for Younger People

Psicon has provided assessments for neurodevelopmental conditions for the last 10 years. During that time we have developed a good understanding of how difficult it can be for parents who suspect there might be something that is atypical in the way their child is developing.


We understand that parents would like an explanation of their child’s behaviour and learn ways to manage it. We know that when something complex like neurodevelopmental conditions are present – even the most thoughtful and sensitive parenting techniques might not work! We know that sometimes parents might need support in communicating with the school their child attends to ensure their needs are accounted for during their education.


Our diagnostic assessments are designed with all this in mind and we therefore want to offer quick, useful, reliable, understandable results and all the follow up support that could be possible to ensure the child in question receives the best care available.

Psicon provides a multi-professional assessment and diagnostic service for children suspected of having ADHD. The steps involved are:

Step 1: Screening

If it is suspected that a child might have ADHD, it is important for us to be sure there is sufficient evidence before booking an assessment. After you contact us we will organise a screening measure to be sent to you and collect some information over the phone. This will then be reviewed by a senior clinician who will recommend an assessment where indicated. The appointments will then be booked by our admin team.

Step 2: School Observation & Cognitive Testing

In order to make an accurate diagnosis of ADHD, certain observable behaviours must be seen across different environments. We therefore arrange to observe the child at school; preferably in one lesson and one break time. During this visit we also interview their class teacher and carry out some basic pencil and paper tasks to investigate their cognitive abilities such as attention, concentration, memory and information processing speed. This information will all be ready for review by the assessing consultant at Step 3.

Step 3: The Assessment

Once the observations are complete, the child will be seen by either a consultant paediatrician or consultant psychiatrist. They will administer a full medical history and assessment protocol. They will most often want to see the child with their parents/guardian and alone. Once the assessment is complete and the consultant is satisfied they have enough information; a diagnosis is given immediately.

Step 4: The Report

A full report containing all the above information and specifically stating the diagnosis will be sent to parents usually within two weeks of the assessment. This report will not be shared with any other health professional unless it is agreed at the time of assessment. Parents are of course free to share the report with whomever they wish.

If you already have a diagnosis of ADHD and are looking for support, please click here to see the services we offer.