Diagnostic Assessments at Psicon

  • Psicon has provided assessments for individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions for the last 10 years. We provide the service to the NHS in various counties and we have seen individuals privately from all over the country.


    As a lifespan service we offer assessments and support to individuals of all ages with a neurodevelopmental condition. This range of experience has enabled us to develop our services in-line with the needs to the people who use them. We believe this is why we receive so much positive feedback from those who have received an assessment from us.


    The venue for assessment is in a large detached house with easy access and the rooms are comfortable and quiet. We send out pictures of the assessment team and details of the day ahead of time so those coming to see us will know who and what to expect at every step of the way. All members of the team have worked in the field of neurodevelopment for many years and are all highly trained; not only technically but also in how to relate to and understand people with neurodevelopmental conditions.


    If you would to speak to one of the clinical staff directly, you are welcome to do so via the telephone or email.

As our service is a lifespan service, we can assess anyone who requires a diagnosis. There are slightly different procedures for younger and older people – mainly because information on early life is very important to obtain and this can be more difficult for someone who is older. We therefore loosely split services from 0 -25 and 25+ although every case would be assessed individually and the most appropriate approach offered.