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Adult ASD Psychological Treatment Services- A New Service

Psicon is happy to announce the expansion of the NDLS service. Specialist children’s services have been available over a number of years and we are now able to offer specialist ASD services to adults.


Dr Daniel Simmonds, clinical psychologist and director at Psicon, said ‘I am very excited about this new development in our autism service and look forward to ensure that the adults in Kent also receive...

Working with autism

Individuals who are on the autism spectrum are sometimes marginalised from seeking out employment opportunities. However, the qualities of autistic people can hugely benefit companies, often and especially in the field of information technologies. The UK tech firm Auticon embraces variety and diversity in a workforce and have created an autism-friendly work environment.


Auticon is...

Autism-friendly cinema screenings improve access for children with sensory difficulties

People with Autism can experience certain situations in a different way to those without Autism. They may experience under or over sensitivity to certain stimuli, such as sound and light. Due to this, some events and day-to-day activities, that many people take for granted, can be difficult and cause anxiety.


A number of events that are tailored for people with...