Speech and Language Therapy

Psicon’s Speech and Language Therapy team offer treatments for children and young people as well as adults with speech, language and communication difficulties.

Younger People

  • The team support parents, carers and staff in early years' settings and schools settings to get the best outcomes for the child. They see children and young people, at any age, who have difficulty communicating arising from neurodevelopmental conditions such as, Autism and ADHD. Depending on the need of the child therapy can be offered at our Canterbury venue or within the child's home or pre school / school setting.

    Intervention can take a variety of forms including face-to-face work with the child, support through programmes, training of supporting adults or Adult Child Interaction Therapy.

For some children one session is all that is needed, for example, the team might see a toddler who is not talking and be able to offer advice and reassurance. In other cases they offer an ongoing Speech and Language Therapy service suited to the child and family's need.

Where multiple issues arises, the speech and language team are able to work closely with colleagues from psychology, psychiatry and pediatrics to ensure a joined up approach.

Older People

  • Where issues have arisen or never been attended to, the team are able to work with older people (25+) on difficulties around speech, language and communication. Specific conditions that we treat include:




    Voice disorders