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Charity Fundraising for Mental Health Awareness Week

Posted in Psicon's Talking Therapies

Following a 'cake, coffee and chat for charity' event furing mental health awareness week, we are thrilled to have raised £200 for Anxiety UK. 
This is a really great charity which we are so pleased to have had this opportunity to raise money for. 

Traumatic Brain Injury and the Criminal Justice System

Posted in Psicon's Medico-Legal Services

A recent article in The Lancet Psychiatry (Williams et al, 2018) has discussed the association between traumatic brain injury (TBI) and unlawful behaviour.


TBI occurs when a blow to the head (for instance from a fall or car crash) results in long-lasting damage to the brain. Damage is most commonly found in the frontal lobes, an area important for impulse control...

Person-Centred Care: Beyond Diagnosis

Posted in Psicon's Children, Young People and Family Services

Mental health diagnoses can seem at first glance, like a set of well-defined illness that we can clearly and objectively say an individual has or does not have. In reality however, mental wellbeing is much more complicated and subjective to individuals. In their article in response to the release of the American Psychiatric Associations diagnostic Manual (DSM-V), Kinderman, Allsopp & Cooke (2017) discuss the importance of considering...