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Multidisciplinary services in vocational rehabiliation

Posted in Psicon's Occupational Health Services

Psicon now offer multidisciplinary rehabilitation programmes for individuals returning to work, or planning on a return to work, following a period of leave with health difficulties. The transition back to an old routine can present many challenges, and Psicon’s rehabilitation programmes, combining psychological treatment, physiotherapy, personal training, and occupational therapy, will aim to tailor therapeutic input to meet each individual’s particular needs.  


Mr Conradie, Consultant Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist and Managing Director at Psicon, said, “Unfortunately many people with health difficulties are dealt with in ‘silos’, such that while they may be seen by a number of specialists, there will often be minimal coordination between the different elements of therapy. The multidisciplinary approach instead offers the collaborative effort of specialists across a number of fields.”