Occupational Health Services

Medico-Legal Services

Psicon's Medico-Legal Services offer a comprehensive independent psychological and psychiatric service to support and inform a wide range of legal processes.

Our team of independent Consultant Psychologists and Psychiatrists have extensive experience in their fields and in providing expert reports of psychological and psychiatric assessment for legal processes. They are registered as Expert Witnesses and are registered with their respective professional bodies.

Our Medico-Legal Services can provide support to organisations in the following ways:

Employment Litigation and Tribunals

Our independent Consultant Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Consultant Neuropsychologists can provide assessments of employees involved in tribunals.

  • Our Assessments include:

    Focus on specific issues relevant to concerns raised by the employees

    Assessment as to the cause of an individual’s difficulties

    Reasons for ongoing difficulties and symptoms

    Overview of treatment being received

    Obstacles in receiving appropriate treatment

    Support recommendations, where appropriate regarding a return to work

Where appropriate, our consultants can provide feedback to occupational health professionals, legal professionals and employers to aid an understanding of the formulation, diagnosis and prognosis, as well as any recommendations for vocational rehabilitation.

Capacity Assessments

Psicon’s Occupational Health Services (POHS) also offer assessments of capacity, which are useful when considering an employee’s ability to fulfil their role after an incident that might have caused psychological difficulties. These reports can be used in a legal setting and are offered by expert witnesses.

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