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Psicon Occupational Health Services (POHS) offer expert clinical assessment and treatment for all mental health problems that can prevent individuals from carrying out their job role. Aside from the work with the individual, POHS work with the organisation to develop a shared understanding of the individual, thereby minimising absence from work or enabling a return to work where appropriate. By providing comprehensive reports and immediate feedback, occupational health and human resource professionals can understand the psychological factors behind the individual’s difficulties and work together to plan the most effective rehabilitation.

  • Our Occupational Health Mental Health Clinics focus on:

    Supporting individuals with mental health problems to stay at work

    Supporting individuals to work through workplace conflict and disagreements

    Supporting individuals with mental health problems to return to work as soon as possible

    Prioritising good communication with referrers and stakeholders

The Impact of Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health problems are the UK’s primary cause of absence. It is estimated that sickness absence due to mental ill health costs around £8 billion per year (70 million working days missed each year, or an average of 2.8 days per year per UK employee). Lost productivity (including presenteeism, where mental health issues lessen work performance) costs £15 billion, and recruiting employees to replace those who have left their posts because of mental illness costs employers £2 billion (Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, 2007).

Evidence suggests that, with expert treatment, common mental health problems that affect 25% of the general public can be improved and recovered from within 4 to 20 sessions (with an average of 12). Without appropriate support, an individual can deteriorate, which can further compromise their ability to work.

The Need for Good Quality Psychological Support

The right support is not always available, and time is wasted with low intensity interventions as part of ‘employee assist programmes’ for significant difficulties. Depression, stress-related conditions/adjustment disorders (burn-out) and anxiety can usually be treated effectively within 10-12 sessions by an expert therapist, Clinical Psychologist or Counselling Psychologist. There is a huge difference in the training required to become a counsellor (many will have registered after the BACP after only one year of training) compared with that required for Clinical and Counselling Psychologists, who will have a minimum of seven years training.

Positive Outcomes

Work is good for us. Support from POHS can ensure an individual is able to stay at work or return to work where appropriate. Employment can be a significant contribution to good mental health and so the least time an individual is away from work, the better.

An individual with depression could be away from work for six months and longer if appropriate treatment is not available. This can be costly to the employer as well as the employee. A course of evidence-based therapy could cost as little as £1,200.

Neuropsychological Cognitive Assessment

We offer neuropsychological cognitive assessments for individuals who have suffered a brain injury. Cognitive impairment following brain injury may include difficulties with memory, concentration, initiation, planning, problem solving and self-monitoring. A neuropsychological assessment can establish an employee’s prognosis in relation to their ability to return to work and can further provide recommendations of adjustments needed for the individual to carry out their job role.

Neurodevelopmental Assessments for Work

Our specialist Neurodevelopmental Lifespan service is able to provide specialist assessments that can inform employers (and employees) as to how the neurodevelopmental condition may impact an individual’s work environment and job performance. The assessment can advise on what types of adjustments may be necessary to facilitate the person’s ability to work.

POHS is able to offer full diagnostic assessments for neurodevelopmental conditions in conjunction with the Neurodevelopmental Lifespan Services at Psicon. Neurodevelopmental conditions are those where a brain does not develop in a typical way and causes some related differences in functioning. Common neurodevelopmental conditions are autism (including Asperger’s syndrome), ADHD, specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, and intellectual disability.

These assessments can establish a diagnosis and advise on how a condition may impact on the individual’s work environment. It can also advise on what adjustments may be necessary for an individual with a neurodevelopmental condition to thrive at work. The assessing team can look at job specifications and responsibilities and make specific recommendations. They are also able to liaise with Occupational Health teams and Human Resource teams directly if required. Specialist psychological and psychiatric support is also available should it be required.

For more information on our specialist Neurodevelopmental Lifespan service, please click here.