Occupational Health Services

Training and Consultancy

Training and Development

Our consultants offer training and development services with a focus on various models of psychological development through life, models of psychological health difficulties as a result of exposure to various life challenges and stress (including work stress), and models of rehabilitation to support individuals, groups and companies. Our senior consultants have extensive experience working with clients from large companies and their occupational health services.

Psicon’s Occupational Health Services (POHS) offer various training programmes and development courses:

  • Current training and development courses include:

    Health, Stress and Coping

    Psychological Skill Development – how it can solve your problems

    Stress Management (audit, risk assessment and prevention; stress awareness training; resilience)


    Mental Health in the Workplace (introduction for Occupational Health professionals)

    Mental Health in the Workplace (introduction for HR Services)

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Frameworks to Increase Resilience in the Workplace

    Mindfulness Principles and Resilience in the Workplace

    Motivational Interviewing for Managers

Executive Psychological Coaching

We provide structured development programmes to support executives at key career stages. An experienced Psychologist can help individuals identify their personal and corporate goals, and explore their strengths and weaknesses. Potential can be improved, strengths maximised, and negative beliefs adjusted. Psychological support at this level is extremely beneficial to the individual, is cost-effective for the employer, and the enthusiasm generated will have a positive impact on the whole team and their performance.

Consultancy Services

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  • » Promoting Psychological Health and Wellbeing

    Your commitment to the psychological and social wellbeing of your workforce is important. We can help you support employees with work and non-work related mental health problems. By investing in their mental health and wellbeing, you will enable your employees to be more effective at work or return to work more quickly if they have been absent through sickness. Our role is to help you achieve a positive impact on workplace performance.

  • » Employee Resolution

    Clients can benefit from our support with a variety of employee-related matters, such as disciplinary disputes, harassment, redundancy and work-induced stress. We can also assist with psychological assessments relevant to the workplace, and we support solutions to redeployment for mental health reasons, or medical and early retirement.

  • » Reducing Sickness Absence

    The positive benefits of early psychological interventions to support employees is well documented. Supporting employees proactively reduces the chance of mental health difficulties and escalation of problems. Psychological frameworks can help individuals deal with challenges in their lives and support good mental and physical health.

  • » Rehabilitation Back to Work

    Psicon’s philosophy strongly supports the belief that work is good for us. Working closely with occupational health physicians and HR managers, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with regular feedback to ensure people can return to work as soon as appropriate. Rehabilitation to return to full-time work may need to be in stages and will be carefully considered by the expert Psychologist, HR and/or OH Services.